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Envirobank Recycling provides litter solutions for beverage containers in all public places, events, shopping centres, universities and more.

Envirobank operates effectively and efficiently in both non-deposit and deposit markets, we work with the beverage industry and other stakeholders in the recycling chain to help recover the highest percentage of beverage containers and turn those into a valuable commodity.

We provide environmental impact reporting to our clients, detailing the number of containers recycled through our network, allowing them to report on their national packaging covenant targets or internal targets.

Our clients recognise the value in ensuring their packaging is recycled.  In container deposit markets we work with the beverage industry to provide the lowest cost solutions for container recovery

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Our Services

From RVMs to Depots,  Envirobank uses innovative technology so recycling becomes interactive and fun!

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Our Team

Being part of the future means nothing less than bringing about a revolution in public place recycling

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Our Locations

Envirobank has an increasingly expanding network of reverse vending machines Australia wide

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“You can trust that the bottles and cans do get recycled (rather than find themselves in a contaminated recycle wheelie bin).”

RVM Customer


Our Clients

Boom! WA will introduce a container deposit scheme mid-2018 #recyclingthatpays #cashforcontainers
- Friday Aug 19 - 12:45am

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