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Our Team

Narelle Anderson
Founder & Managing Director

Narelle is responsible for the strategic direction of Envirobank and has been in the waste management industry for more than 12 years. She is a hands on Managing Director and loves working in the depots as much as she loves driving the business growth in the boardroom.

“I believe we must all act responsibly and leave the environment we live in a better place. It is best summed up in the poem Success,  “I am motivated and challenged by doing things that people say can never be done”… and so,  through Envirobank,  we have embarked on a mission to change the way we recycle in Australia through automation and innovation.”

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Karen Vaughan
Business Manager

With a mix of energy, drive and passion, it’s easy to see why Karen Vaughan exceeds the expectations of her clients. As a passionate and self-motivated Business Manager, she has developed solid experience and knowledge in a variety of industries. Joining the Envirobank Recycling team in 2012, Karen brings a proficiency in customer relationship management with a strategic business focus and the ability to maximise the potential of every opportunity with a personable and enthusiastic attitude.

“After having my first child it’s more important now more than ever that we look after the planet. Recycling does that and means valuable resources are reserved and preserved.”

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Joanna O’Rourke
Administrative Manager- Sydney HQ

With qualities of helpfulness,  enthusiasm and professionalism,  Joanna is perfectly suited to her role as Administrative Manager at Envirobank Recycling’s Sydney HQ. With a strong emphasis on customer service,  Joanna takes her role seriously. By understanding our members and clients’ needs and interest in recycling allows her to offer them genuine support.

“It’s great to see how eager the public is becoming about recycling, and the difference it is making to our environment, especially in the Northern Territory and particularly in remote communities. Being a part of the Envirobank team means I get to see the impact firsthand – and it’s a wonderful thing to watch!”

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Jay Cooper
IT Consultant

Envirobank has an extensive network of technology, Jay provides support service and maintenance assistance to Envirobank. Jay has worked with Envirobank since it started and has assisted in the evolution of all our systems.

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Andrew Lee
General Manager – NT Pinelands Depot

General Manager of the largest Northern Territory Cash for containers recycling depot, Andrew Lee brings with him a wealth of knowledge. With over 15 years of experience in the recycling industry, he leads his staff by example, setting the standard of hard work and dedication high above the average. Andrew’s staff enjoy his happy, easy-going nature while being committed to getting the job done and the highest level of customer service.

“When I was given the opportunity to join Envirobank NT,  I could not refuse it and it wasn’t long before I felt right at home and was working with an amazing team.”

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Elly Yang
Customer Service – NT Pinelands Depot

Elly’s role involves assisting the general manager to process documents and other support administration duties. In addition she also serves our customers at the depot refunding their cash for the containers they recycle.

“Working at Envirobank has made me appreciate just how wonderful this organisation is. It helps people to get some pocket money, and moreover, it keeps our environment clean and rubbish free. I strongly believe this kind of organisation should be provided in all states of Australia.”

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Boom! WA will introduce a container deposit scheme mid-2018 #recyclingthatpays #cashforcontainers
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