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Super Collector

Beverage Company Services

We offer an efficient technological and innovative approach for the beverage industry

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Our Technology Solutions

Specialised automated counting,  sorting  and extremely effective reporting solutions.

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Our Envirobank Facilities

State of the art processing facilities focused on innovation and automation

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The Benefits Of A Super Collector

Envirobank is the largest super collector  in the NT.  As a service provider, we are focused on innovation and automation to deliver the most efficient and reliable recovery of all deposit containers by simplifying the handling of beverage containers.

Our technology and service solutions can be installed in cash for containers depots, co-ordination facilities, and or public place.

The machines can be operated by one person. They are sufficiently flexible to meet all customer-specific requirements no matter the size.

Contact us to arrange a presentation on how Envirobank can help you reduce your container deposit costs.

Contact Envirobank

Sydney HQ

59/330 Wattle St
Ultimo NSW 2007
Tel: 02 8207 0188

 Alice Springs

39 Cameron St
Alice Springs 0870
Tel: 08 8953 7964

NT Office

41 McKinnon Rd
Pinelands NT 0829
Tel: 08 8931 0397

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Our Clients

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