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Leura bp

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Plastic bags are among the most harmful and unnecessary forms of plastic out there- have you ditched the bag yet? https://t.co/6LY8FFPl0n
- Friday Jul 15 - 6:45am

A fantastic documentary on the dangers of plastics to our environment- be sure to check it out and share widely! https://t.co/X7t7cJfMBa
- Friday Jul 15 - 4:55am

Clean Up Australia says just 3% of the 4 billion light-weight grocery bags used each year are recycled. https://t.co/XF7hOCbMfS
- Thursday Jul 14 - 9:10am

We hope that all our representatives keep a National CDS scheme at the forefront of their minds! https://t.co/yepOR9ne53
- Thursday Jul 14 - 5:05am

Would you drink water made from food waste? https://t.co/a6a3VvihgE
- Wednesday Jul 13 - 8:20am

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