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What Is An Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine?

Envirobank Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), make sure that the simple act of depositing a can or bottle will make a big difference. Unlike a traditional vending machine where the customer inserts payment for an item that is then dispensed, an Envirobank RVM allows people to insert their empty cans or drink bottles and redeem rewards or cash (SA and NT only).

With limited resources in the world, we need to start preserving them and put an end to wastage. Envirobank’s innovative RVMs are a simple way to start. Taking the necessary steps today ensures our future generations will prosper. Engagement starts when the consumer approaches the Envirobank by serving up targeted messages and videos. Consumers insert their empty aluminium and PET plastic bottles into the Envirobank to start an interactive, educational and rewarding journey.

How Does It Work?






“Being encouraged to recycle through a rewards system (I’m into recycling anyway, but an incentive system is needed to get people like my Dad involved).”

RVM Customer


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More & more groups are rallying behind Cash for Containers to be introduced in their state:
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Are you an envirobank member? Start being rewarded for your recycling efforts by signing up today #recyclingthatpays
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