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The Council of the City of Sydney is committed to being a leading environmental performer through innovative waste management solutions and is looking to increase public place recycling using advanced collection technology that engages and encourages the community to participate in resource recovery practices.


The City of Sydney requires a suitably qualified contractor that will provide innovative public place recycling opportunities for the community that achieves maximum resource recovery of beverage containers, minimises contamination and ensures zero waste to landfill.


Envirobank Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), make sure that the simple act of depositing a can or bottle will make a big difference. Unlike a traditional vending machine where the customer inserts payment for an item that is then dispensed, an Envirobank RVM allows people to insert their empty cans or drink bottles and redeem rewards. 100% of the crushed containers are then recycled. This has many environmental benefits including recycling, the reduction of litter and it serves to educate our community at the same time. Envirobank produces a report providing information on the number and types of containers recycled on the day. This data is then used to inform the public of the achievements on the day through Council’s website and community newsletter.


City of Sydney Council installed 2 x RVMs in Haymarket & Circular Quay. These have been well received by the community.

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What Are The Benefits Of The
Envirobank Mobile Unit?

No Unsightly Overflow

Due to the compression mechanism, the units hold 20 times the capacity of a single Sulo bin, which means they have to be emptied less frequently. Greater storage capacity due to the compaction mechanism, this enables units to hold up to 3000 cans and 1600 PET bottles.


Continuous feed port will accept 30 plastic bottles or 40 cans a minute, enabling event patrons to recycle multiple units quickly.

Zero contamination

The cutting edge technology of Envirobank machines read all barcodes on items inserted into the machine. Any material unacceptable for recycling will be rejected. This means zero contamination, so every container deposited will reach the recycling destination.

Auditable reporting for sustainability analysis

The machines can be accessed wirelessly to provide immediate, accurate reporting from your event. Each machine records the amount of recyclables collected by material type. This will provide the hard proof of positive impact for press releases and sustainability reporting.

Environmental responsibility

The Envirobank Mobile Unit delivers the message that your business is committed to the well being of the environment. It shows potential customers, event goers and the wider community that your brand is a responsible member of the community and has a strategy to protect our planets future.

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Continuous feed port will accept 30 plastic bottles or 40 cans a minute, enabling event patrons to recycle multiple units quickly.

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