What is an Envirobank reverse vending machine?

It’s a machine that works the opposite way to a vending machine – you put in an empty drink container and you get rewarded for your recycling efforts.

Rewards can be movie tickets, gift vouchers, and prizes. You can even choose to donate your reward to charity or receive cash in Container Deposit states.

City of Sydney's Envirobank reverse vending machine, Circular Quay
City of Sydney’s Envirobank reverse vending machine, Circular Quay

They go crunch. And kaching!

Envirobank reverse vending machines (RVMs) can hold up to 2,000 containers before they have to be emptied. So if they’re full, that’s pretty good news for the environment (and for those who get rewarded).

What goes in them?

Our machines love empty drink cans and plastic bottles. We have some special ones that take glass as well.

Here’s the best bit:

The beauty of these machines is that they accept only items that can be recycled through our service and reject anything else. This means what’s collected is ‘uncontaminated’, which really counts when it gets to the recycling facility.

Hot tip for using one

Remove the lids before you pop in your plastic bottles. Lids are made of a different type plastic to the bottles and removing them helps things go smoothly during the recycling process.

I’m in, where can I find them?

We’re expanding our network of reverse vending machines in states where a Cash for Container┬áscheme is on the horizon. See if there is a location near you.