Article 17/12/2019

Drop’n’Go Update – QR Codes

Avatar By Katie Dillon
Attention all Drop’n’Go Pod Users!

Envirobank Drop’n’Go pods have been resoundingly popular since they arrived in Queensland.  During this time, Pod customers were required to return their containers using Envirobank orange bags so the containers could be tracked and refunds deposited into the customers’ accounts.

The popularity of the orange bags for not only depositing containers but also other non-Container-Refund-Scheme purposes (such as shopping, fishing, gardening and laundry bags) made it difficult for all 44 pods to be fully stocked each day.  To ensure our customers can still return their containers without an orange bag, we have a solution!

As of today, you will be able to use either orange Envirobank bags, or your own bags at our Drop’n’Go pods. QR code stickers – the magical little piece of the puzzle that makes the orange bags work with Crunch – are now available at our Stockists and Depots for you to stick on to your own bags.

Allowing you to use your own bags makes the Drop’n’Go pod not only the most innovative but also the most convenient way to recycle your containers. This change means everybody who wants to use the Drop’n’Go pods can, with or without an orange bag!

All you need to do is fill a durable bag with eligible containers, grab some QR code stickers from our depots and stockists, stick one on each of your bags, and return your bags to the pod. It’s that easy!

If you choose to bring your own bags make sure they comply with the following:

  • You have one QR code sticker firmly stuck on each bag before placing them in the pod chute
  • Your bags are securely tied, and sturdy enough to not split when being placed in the pod or during transit — using a non-sturdy bag or overfilling the bag means there is a risk your bag may split during transit. Please ensure you do not overfill the bag and that you use a sturdy and durable bag
  • Your bag must be no bigger than 90x50cm in size to ensure it fits through the chute

We’ll always have recycled orange bags free of charge at our depots for you to use so drop in, say hello and grab some bags to use in the pods while you are there.

If you’re depositing your containers at a depot, you can bring them in whatever way works best for you. Bins, cartons, bags… you name it, we don’t mind!

And finally, wherever you choose to recycle with us, we ask you to take the lids off the containers before they’re returned. If you want you can leave them in the bottom of your bag so we can donate them to charity.

For step-by-step instructions on how to get or use QR code stickers head to our FAQs page.

Avatar By Katie Dillon