The new lamington drive?

Here’s an alternative to the last-minute baking and early morning starts at the cake stall.

Choosing an Envirobank bottle and can fundraising drive can bring about a host of benefits for your school
or youth group, which include:

• Cleaning up your local area
• Recycling and reducing waste
• Demonstrating community service and volunteering
• Enriching learning outcomes


Our bottle and can fundraiser would suit:

• Scouting groups
• Sports teams
• School or youth groups
• Any community-minded organisation

Our service applies only to states where Cash for Container schemes operate*.

Currently, schemes operate in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where you can get a 10 cent refund for every qualified container recycled.

How to get started

1. Register your group with us
2. Start collecting bottles and cans
3. Drop-off your containers to an Envirobank location for payment

What type of containers can I collect?

Generally, you can collect a range of drink containers made of plastic, aluminium and glass.
In South Australia and the Northern Territory, each of these containers are worth 10 cents.
It’s important to know exactly what’s accepted in your state.

Please click on the links below for a detailed list:

South Australia list of containers
Northern Territory list of containers

Tips to prepare for your fundraiser 

scouts recycling in south australia

1. Spread the word
Before you start your fundraiser, allow ample time for people to participate. Let them know when it’s on by
advertising on your website, electronic newsletter, social media platforms or even in local papers.

Register your interest if you would like to receive
a marketing kit from Envirobank.

2. Gear up
You’ll need to provide your volunteers with bags and gloves
if you are making an event of it.

3. Provide a location for sorting your containers
Once you’ve collected your containers, consider providing an area for your volunteers to sort the containers,
as you will need to remove unacceptable bottles and cans, as well as lids, before they are dropped off to Envirobank.


*New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia are in the process of developing a Cash for Container scheme

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