A company with doing good at its heart

By rewarding everyday Australians when they recycle right, Envirobank contributes
to a cleaner planet and a brighter future for the next generation.


Recycling with a reverse vending machine

Ian Kiernan using City of Sydney's reverse vending machine
City of Sydney’s Envirobank machine

Envirobank reverse vending machines (RVMs) incentivise and reward people when they insert drink containers.

The unit is a vending machines in reverse.

Instead of money going in and goods coming out, our RVMs allow people to insert their empty drink containers in exchange for rewards. The rewards might be redeemable vouchers, prizes, coupons for nearby stores, or even donations to charity.

Get in touch to find out how to hire and host our machines for your business.


Doing good, is good for business

Envirobank is an innovative, interactive and affordable waste management solution that helps your brand engage with conscious consumers, and keep them happy.

We can help your business
  • Boost sales and increase foot traffic through promotions
  • Demonstrate commitment to the environment with Green data – auditable reporting
    for sustainability analysis, including insights into consumer recycling and consumption
  • Increase community engagement and brand loyalty
  • Reduce cleaning and waste management costs
  • Increase recycling (with zero contamination)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

By partnering with Envirobank, you’ll be changing how Australia recycles.


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