At UNSW, they are committed to meeting our global and environmental responsibilities and are working to lead the way in sustainability through everyday living practices, education and research. Their achievements to date have been substantial but their sustainability goals continue to be challenging. They believe that change can only happen when we are all involved.


Seek to inspire their staff, students and future leaders by creating a sustainable environment that brings the campus community together to actively achieve our ambitious sustainability goals.


The UNSW’s cutting-edge academics and researchers have produced ground-breaking research in many fields and are constantly finding answers to pressing environmental problems. The innovative technology that the Envirobank RVM offers fit well with them.


The UNSW determined that an RVM would increase recycling, reduce litter and the rewards would encourage the students to use the machine. The opportunity for the on-site takeaway shops and cafes to showcase their lunch special offers via the interactive LED touchscreen has worked well.