Article 21/02/2019

A letter from the Managing Director

Narelle Anderson By Narelle Anderson
Founder and Managing Director, Envirobank

Hi Crunchers,

Brace yourselves for some really good news! The bags are back. Another 250,000 have landed and are moving into Envirobank’s depots, pods and stockist locations as we speak.

This means we now have 600,000 orange collection bags available to Crunch members across the state. 600,000 of these reusable bags can recycle 30 million containers in a single rotation! And we have even more arriving in the next few months.

Now, we know the bag shortage was a disaster for you – trust us – it was a Disaster (with a capital “D”) for us! Our bags went walkabout at record speed and never found their way home again. They took holidays at the beach – disguised as picnic rugs, they went fishing, snorkelling, camping – you name it. But the bags missed us and we missed them.

So, how can we work together to make sure there’s plenty of bags to go around?

Bags and Envirobank are like cheese and crackers. The Envirobank branded bags are officially to serve Envirobank’s 40+ container refund locations across the state – you can find exact locations on our website. When they’re used outside of Envirobank’s services, they’re removed from circulation – meaning less bags are available to be shared, reused and recycled by Envirobank customers. Keep bringing them back and we’ll keep handing them out for use again and again.

Stockists are your new best friends, and they’re ours too. We’ll be keeping our wonderful stockists well-resourced with a consistent supply of bags, so make them your first port of call – and please be nice to them! We’ll continue topping up the pods regularly, but sadly all our bags seem to jump out of those holes in one fell-swoop – and there’s not a lot we can do about it.
We have recommended that stockists limit the number of bags available per person each day. The limits will allow more recyclers, more regular access to bags, and we’re counting on everyone’s support to make it work. We have also extended our list of stockists, with even more coming soon. Check the full list of stockist locations here.

Bulk collection option – Lastly, if you’re collecting for a business or large group, please get in touch and we can supply you with bags or other collection equipment separately.

On behalf of Envirobank, I would like to apologise for the frustrations and inconveniences caused by the bag shortage. We’re grateful for the patience and understanding shown by many of our regular customers and we’re excited to continue working with you to clean up our beautiful country.

Kindest regards,

Narelle Anderson,
Founder and Managing Director, Envirobank Recycling

Narelle Anderson By Narelle Anderson
Founder and Managing Director, Envirobank